Crafting vibrant and colourful images while bringing your favourite book characters to life. 
This page serves as your guide to understanding pricing details and my commission process.


Work Process

After you tell me your idea, you will be provided with the total price. I will sketch out your idea and after you approve the sketch, the payment will be made. During the sketching process changes can be made without extra charge. If preferred, the payment can also be split into two (one half after the sketch is done and the other once the piece is finished). During the process I will be providing you with updates, where you can still request small changes. For big changes (f.e. structural changes) there will be an additional fee. When the piece is finished, you will receive the HD files via a wetransfer link.

Payment is to be made only via PayPal.


Commercial license: exclusive +60%, non-exclusive +40%

Prices may vary depending on requested details

Single Character
Half body 200€; simple background included

Full body 265€; simple background included

Half body 350€; simple background included

Full body 425€; simple background included

Every additional character +95€

3 characters 520€; simple background included

Special requests

Animals, body parts, tattoos, body modifications
Couple Hands

included: clothes, jewellery, tattoos, simple background

+40 - 60€

f.e. Horses, dragons, dogs, wolves, birds

Body Modifications
+10 - 40€

f.e. Bat wings, angel wings, intricate tattoos, horns


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