Crafting vibrant and colourful images while bringing your favourite book characters to life. 
This page serves as your guide to understanding pricing details and my commission process.


My Work Process

Initial Consultation & Pricing: Share your idea with me, and I'll provide you with a total price for the project.

Sketch & Approval: I'll create a sketch based on your idea. You can request changes during this phase at no extra charge. Once you approve the sketch, the payment will be made.

Payment Options:
  - Full Payment: Pay the full amount after the sketch is approved.
  - Split Payment: Pay half after the sketch is approved and the remaining half once the piece is finished.

- For commissions booked months in advance, a 20% deposit is required upon agreement to secure the booking.

Progress Updates: Throughout the creation process, I will provide updates. You can request small changes during these updates. Please note that significant changes (e.g., structural changes) will incur an additional fee.

Final Delivery: Upon completion, you'll receive the HD files via a WeTransfer link.

Payment Details:

- Payments are accepted only via PayPal (Friends & Family or Goods & Services).
- If using Goods & Services, all fees/taxes must be covered by the client.


„When do I need a commercial license?“

A commercial license is needed when commissioning an artist if the artwork will be used for commercial purposes. This typically includes:

1. Merchandise: Using the artwork on products like t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc., that will be sold.
2. Advertising and Marketing: Using the artwork in advertisements, brochures, websites, social media, and other marketing materials that promote a business or product.
3. Book Covers and Illustrations: Using the artwork in books, magazines, or other publications that will be sold.


- Exclusive Commercial License: Adds 60% to the base price of the artwork.You are the only one who can use the artwork for commercial purposes. The artist cannot sell or license the artwork to anyone else for commercial use. Example: If the base price of the artwork is €100, the total price with an exclusive commercial license would be €100 + 60% of €100 = €160.

- Non-Exclusive Commercial License: Adds 40% to the base price of the artwork.You can use the artwork for commercial purposes, but the artist retains the right to sell or license the artwork to others as well. Example: If the base price of the artwork is €100, the total price with a non-exclusive commercial license would be €100 + 40% of €100 = €140.



Commercial license: exclusive +60%, non-exclusive +40%

Prices may vary depending on requested details

Single Character
Half body 275€; simple background included

Full body 350€; simple background included

Half body 475€; simple background included

Full body 550€; simple background included

Every additional character +125€

3 characters 675€; simple background included

Special requests

Animals, body parts, tattoos, body modifications

Pricing may vary depending on added details

Couple Hands
> 375€

included: clothes, simple background

> 40€

f.e. Horses, dragons, dogs, wolves, birds

Body Modifications
> 40€

f.e. Bat wings, angel wings, intricate tattoos, horns


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